The Cost Transparency Wall

Written by William Miller Published: 19 April 2018 ITFM Success IT Cost Clarity


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Ever experienced an IT Planning Hangover?

Written by Sarah Boyd Published: 28 March 2018 ITFMA 2018 it planning
Common symptoms of a Planning Hangover include:
  • A lot of confusion
  • A bit of regret
  • A long-lasting headache

So said Craig Hollenbeck, Founding Partner of Proven IT Finance and Practice Leader of Value Insights managed service, during his session at last week’s ITFMA Conference in Orlando, Florida

ITFM and TBM leaders and practitioners in the room had a good laugh at this analogy, nodding their heads in recognition of the enduring pain and agony of a poorly developed plan. Unlike that New Year’s Day headache that is gone the next day, an IT Planning Hangover forces you and your colleagues to suffer for at least a year when your IT Plan is poorly developed. 

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Why Apptio's Acquisition of Digital Fuel Matters to ITFM Leaders

Written by Sarah Boyd Published: 14 February 2018 ITFM Maturity IT Cost Clarity 2018

Technology Business Management (TBM) software solution vendor Apptio announced its acquisition of competitor Digital Fuel, maker of IT Business Management (ITBM) software on February 2. According to Gartner’s estimates in its latest Market Guide for IT Financial Management, the newly combined market share by Apptio now makes up more than half of all sales to enterprise buyers of ITFM tools. In talking to our network, which spans buyers across all major ITFM/ TBM/ ITBM solutions, we hear a lot of concern about this consolidation in the market. 

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The Reason Top Companies Replace CIOs Like Clockwork

Written by Frank Davis and Ruben Muñiz Published: 06 February 2018 IT Cost Clarity

CIOs tend to change jobs at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, it’s not always by choice.

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How to Move From Futile IT Cost Reporting To Valuable Storytelling

Written by William Miller Published: 30 January 2018 IT reporting

Tired of spending hours pulling and sending service-based IT reports that simply don’t connect with their intended audiences?

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Achieve IT Cost Clarity (Finally) With 3 Simple Steps

Written by Frank Davis and Ruben Muñiz Published: 23 January 2018 IT Cost Clarity

Under pressure to defend IT costs to the CFO? Struggling to clearly justify the costs of products, services, and investments? You’re not alone.

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How to Get Immediate Value From Your ITFM Implementation

Written by Ben Perkins Published: 09 January 2018 Reporting ITFM Maturity ITFM Success

Whenever you take on a big project, there’s always that moment after it’s up and running when you take a deep breath and appreciate everything you went through to make it happen. Unfortunately, it only lasts a moment, because getting the operation up and running wasn’t the organization’s ultimate goal.

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From Platform Switch to ITFM Maturity

Written by Ben Perkins Published: 27 November 2017 Case Study

If you are not getting what you expect and need out of your IT Financial Management software, you are not alone! Many companies struggle to get past the initial software setup to truly understand the data the software delivers and to then effectively articulate the value of IT investments to stakeholders.

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3 Major Takeaways from ITFM Week 2017

Written by David Haines Published: 23 May 2017 ITFM Week

Chicago turned on the warmth in the early part of the week for the annual pilgrimage of many IT Finance executives attending ITFM Week April 24-26! Possibly the largest ITFM conference for IQPC, it was attended by a wide array of roles within a broad range of organizations. With the diverse audience came an excellent range of sessions to attend, providing insights and learnings to the different IT Finance challenges and solutions.

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Why CFOs Who Recognize the Value of IT as an Asset Will Be Ahead of the Game!

Written by William Miller Published: 12 April 2017 IT Metrics IT Decisioning ITFM Success

Note: This article originally appeared on marcus evans

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